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Mabuchi’s core competence in packing solutions has brought the company to become a renowned packing suppliers Malaysia and Singapore company by adopting quality packing materials Malaysia and Singapore in our services. Our services are unique in a way that we provide customized packaging solutions to our customers. To us, each job is unique and specially designed packing methods to suit the items to keep it safe upon arriving to its destination.

Aluminium Barrier Bag Fabrication

How to fabricate Aluminium Barrier Bag

Two type of Aluminium Barrier Bag

Type 1: Two side seal bag


Type 2 : Quad Seal bag


Aluminium Barrier bag Fabrication Type 1.

Step 1 : Prepare materials and tools

Material: Aluminium Barrier Sheet

Tools : Knife, Ruler,Hand Sealer and Glove

20161117_113501_resized_1 IMG-20160223-WA0012

Step 2 : Cut Aluminium Barrier roll to cut size needs


Step 3 : Fold the Aluminium Barrier sheet .Than seal both side using Hand Sealer.

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Step 4 : Two side seal Aluminium Barrier bag finished fabricated



Aluminium Barrier Bag Fabrication Type 2

Step 1 : Cut Aluminium roll to cut size needs


Step 2 : Fold the Aluminium Barrier sheet become 2 layer.Than cut base on dimension needs.


Step 3 : Seal right and left side.

20161118_081719_resized   20161118_081801_resized

Step 4 : Seal edge portion at both side.

20161118_081926_resized 20161118_082114_resized

Step 5 : Quad Seal Bag Fabrication completed.