Open Web Site – Indonesia

PT Mabuchi Indonesia open new website on March 2019.

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Fumigation & Heat Treatment

What is Fumigation? Fumigation is a method of killing pests, termites or any other harmful living organisms to prevent transfer of exotic organisms. Fumigation is executed, by suffocating or poisoning pest, within an area of specified space by using fumigants. Normally, fumigation is done for wood material used for packing of goods to be exported to prevent transfer of exotic organisms. Fumigation of Wooden Crates: Fumigation of wooden crates should be carried out with methyl bromide at the dosage of 48 grams per meter cube. In this process the wooden packing crates are placed in the fumigation covers under a smooth floor and then it converted completely. The gas monitoring lines for measuring gas concentration during the exposure period is placed at different locations as per requirements. The fumigation covers are sealed with the help of sand snakes and an …

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Open Web Site – Thailand

Mabuchi (Thailand) Co. Ltd. open new website on August 2017.

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Corrugated Carton Box Flute & Carton Box types

What is Carton fluting? Corrugated material is comprised of three fiberboard layers; two linerboards sandwich a middle sheet that is in a wave-shaped a pattern of arches known as flutes. These flutes are anchored to the linerboard with an adhesive. Fluting is the element of corrugated cardboard that contributes to material strength for stacking, resistance to crushing, or suitability for other uses, such as graphic reproduction. The types of fluting vary depending upon how many flutes are included per foot, and how thick the fluting is. Corrugated box fluting comes in different sizes and varieties to be used for different applications. But generally, the larger the flute (A & B profiles) the greater the strength and cushioning. And the smaller the flute (D & E profiles) the better the printability and foldability. There is a good deal of variance across …

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Plastic Product -Vacuum forming vs Injection Moulding

What is Vacuum Forming? Vacuum forming also recognised as thermoforming is a manufacturing process whereby plastic sheets are preheated in automated vacuum forming equipment until soft and malleable.  The preheated sheet then makes contact with a mould or form and a vacuum source is turned on that sucks the sheet to the mould.  When cool, the sheet takes the shape of the mould.  It is then trimmed with die cut. What is Injection Moulding? The process of injection moulding begins with granules of polymer which are put in a hopper and released into a heated barrel.  A screw feeds the material along the heated barrel where it is plasticised.  The then liquid polymer is injected into a steel or aluminium mould through a gate, being held in a press under acute pressure.  Post cooling, the mould opens and the finished …

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Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallet Wooden pallet is a flat transport structure that supports goods on stable fashion while being lifter by a forklift,pallet jack,front loader,work saver, or other jacking device or a crane.Wooden pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiencies. Goods of shipping containers are often place on pallet secured with strapping ,stretch wrap or shrink wrap and shipped. Wooden Pallet type 1. Wooden Pallet 2 way entry 2. Wooden Pallet 4 way entry. 3. Wing Pallet   4. Used Pallet   Comparison between Wooden pallet and Plastic pallet. No. Wooden Pallet Plastic Pallet 1 Cheap Expensive 2 Repairable Not able to repair 3 Recycable Recycable 4 Easy to broken Not easy to broken 5 Easy to contamination Resistant to contamination 6 Not suitable fo strict hygiene area Suitable for strict hygiene area 7 …

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VCI anti rust plastic

VCI Anti Rust Plastic VCI plastic provides an extremely dry method of protection.It protects metals both through direct contact and vapour action. The hightech VCI chemicals have a property of evaporating into the surrounding enclosure. The released vapour deposits on the metal surface and forms a protective mono-ionic layer which provides protection to the packed parts from corrosion. It thus enables effective and long term protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals against corrosion /oxidation and tarnishing under adverse conditions including contaminants in air such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia or acid rain. VCI vapours easily migrate to hard to reach areas like drilled holes, crevices etc. and give effective protection.   Advantages of VCI Plastic 1 – Corrosion resistance, VCI plastic wrappers provide protection against moisture, dust and contamination. 2 – Material packed in anti corrosive PE sheets does not require any …

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Paper Pallet

Paper Pallet Paper pallets are shipping display pallet made from paperboard. Paper shipping pallets come in corrugated fibreboard partial wood decks or engineered with laminated paperboard. Some are made of paperboard composite honeycomb. Comparison between Paper Pallet and Wooden Pallet Description Paper Pallet Wooden Pallet Price Less More Weight 70% lighter Heavy Load Capacity Less than 1 tan or 500kg depend on pallet design Able load more than 1 tan base on pallet design Oversea Shipment No need fumigation Must fumigation Recycle use Not suitable to recycle use Able to recycle use Storage Not suitable to storage outside warehouse in raining season Able to storage outside Other benificial of Paper Pallet * Made completely from kraft paper, paper pallets are totally recyclable. *No hazardous gasses or chemicals used or emitted in manufacturing our pallet. Sample Paper Pallet           …

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Stretch Film

Stretch film Stretch film is coming in varying gauges,colors and can be use in numerous applications.Stretch film is wrapped around the load to provide stability. The film is stretched 200-300% while it is applied either by hand or machine. The properties of stretch film cause it to try and return to its original size, resulting in a tight and secure load for shipping. Stretch film also provides some protection from moisture and dust, can be a deterrent from pilferage, and improves stability of the load for internal handling. Stretch film is made of polyethylene plastic. Hand films usually have minimal stretch (25-100%) in order to aid the operator in applying the product and are in many ways similar to a large roll of very thin tape.  Machine films on the other hand can have very high stretch levels (150 -300%) …

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Anti Rust Paper

Anti Rust paper : Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) Paper VCI paper provides extensive and effective rust protection when shipping or storing metal parts. The vapor corrosion-inhibiting technology behind Rust Inhibitor Paper enables long-term protection on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including iron, steel, cast iron, copper, brass, galvanized steel and zinc. How VCI Works The rust preventative paper known as VCI is coated with corrosion-inhibiting chemicals, which vaporize into the air around metal parts – through package or storage – and protect them from rust. These corrosion-inhibiting chemicals work on a molecular level, as the VCI technology migrates from the paper into the packaging environment to create a thin layer of protection that adheres to all areas of a metal’s surface, including hard-to-reach areas like cracks, crevices, nooks and other irregularities. How to use VCI paper for Packing Wrap metal parts …

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