Paper Pallet

Paper Pallet Paper pallets are shipping display pallet made from paperboard. Paper shipping pallets come in corrugated fibreboard partial wood decks or engineered with laminated paperboard. Some are made of paperboard composite honeycomb. Comparison between Paper Pallet and Wooden Pallet Description Paper Pallet Wooden Pallet Price Less More Weight 70% lighter Heavy Load Capacity Less than 1 tan or 500kg depend on pallet design Able load more than 1 tan base on pallet design Oversea Shipment No need fumigation Must fumigation Recycle use Not suitable to recycle use Able to recycle use Storage Not suitable to storage outside warehouse in raining season Able to storage outside Other benificial of Paper Pallet * Made completely from kraft paper, paper pallets are totally recyclable. *No hazardous gasses or chemicals used or emitted in manufacturing our pallet. Sample Paper Pallet           …

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