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Mabuchi’s core competence in packing solutions has brought the company to become a renowned packing suppliers Malaysia and Singapore company by adopting quality packing materials Malaysia and Singapore in our services. Our services are unique in a way that we provide customized packaging solutions to our customers. To us, each job is unique and specially designed packing methods to suit the items to keep it safe upon arriving to its destination.

Poly Pail Band + Plastic Clip

Method to tie Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip

Items : 2 pcs Carton Box , 2 pcs Poly Pail Band (Blue) and 2pcs Plastic Clip


Step 1 : Tie Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip as photo below.



Step 2 : Tie one more time and tighten the Poly Pail Band



Step 3 : Arrange the Poly Pail Band at the bottom carton box.


Step 4 : Tighten the Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip 2x time. Than tie it.



Step 5 : Pull end of the Band to make more tighten.


Step 6 : Repeat step 1 until step 5 for one more Poly Pail Band.


Lets try use Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip.  🙂


  • We can use Poly Pail Band with Plastic Clip in a variety application including in general packing, Food industrial, News paper, Corrugated Boxes , Paper Board  and etc.


Item : Poly Pail band (Blue) vs PP Strapping Band (Yellow)

Price : High vs Low

Reuse : Re-use vs One time use

Elasticity : Yes vs No

Toughness : Strong vs Weak